You ‘Are’ Inspiration

Girls that are girls and women that are still girls at heart. There is always more than meets the eye and they always dress so well even when they dont try!

Effortlessly sexy; Loving the greek Goddess look!

This girl had more style in her little finger than most of us have in our entire bodies…

Its all about the fun of it!

Because the girls know all about dressing for the heat…and boy do they look hot!

Its all about the party and what to wear???

Every girls dream is to be a ballerina that was my second dream job!
So much grace….

Perfect dress…

Living the life!

Mirror mirror on the wall you most certainly the fairest of them all…

Better than a tracksuit-J’adore!

Its all about the vinatge print-look like you have just walked out of the pages of history.

Flirty and sexy-love it!

It all starts right here on my doorstep-Because London fashion rules and the girls just cant help being so cool. They make the rest of the world green with envy.

Welcome to the Gia London Blog-world!

I love vintage inspired fashion; I love to travel to exotic destinations (or just anywhere hot really), i love the sea, the sand, the grass and rainbows and clouds and I cant let go of the child in me!
This blog is about all the beautiful things I see everyday and the things that inspire me to keep living the fairytail……

Gia’s World

Breathtaking picture! This is just what life is all about; I could stare at this picture for hours….

What a scene, amazing playtime!

Most precious items from back in the days. I still have my baby shawl, romper suits(which are evidently back in fashion) and the handkerchief my mum stitched strawberries on for me. it all still influences my wardrobe!

They know all about the ‘Bling’ from these parts of the world; such skills in the hand embroidery department. All our collections features a vintage embroidery storey every season which is our sunshine!
One of the most inspiring fashion destinations of all time!

This is always my beginning……we chose our designs based on if our heart skips a beat-that means its love at first site. If we fall in love how can’t the rest of the female population?

I love the sun shining on my face…

I love ice cream…coffee and mango flavours are the best-and nutty ones too…mmmmm….

Love the vintage prints, Although we would never use this, this one is special.

It’s all about the ‘ahhh’ dress because there can only be one belle of the ball!


its not all about Paris you know?

Love it! She looks like she’s flying. Looking like a daisy even in that winter fur. Its the florrals darling….


This place is HOT!

up and down, round and round, upside down. Feel sick? Sometimes but I love it!

Picture perfect….

Nice frame…nice picture, likeing the activity.

One day!

This bird actually almost looks like a bird(femail) stange but wow.

Down under again and again and again.

Its all about the dress remember and lace one look good enough to eat-well I would do that with this one but I would love to waer it!

these illustrations are beautiful well done for being so talented. I love.

Because you light up my world and smell so good.

How amazing is this collage? Whoever did it rocks.

Romance, innocence, stunning, We love all things lacey and etherial and light and airy and ohhh so pretty!

These covers are amazing right? She’s a sun worshipper and she looks beaming!

I love tea (strictly herbals, I love the tea cozy except i would wear it as a hat, Dianna was cool….she did lots of great things for charity.

One day….. not in the clouds but by the sea I will have a castle to cal my own!


Boat party? Better than that!

Im in love with this print, with the dress-I want it!

Carnival of Love sounds fun….

Gold sea or sea of gold-eitherway I just want to dive in!