The Secret lies in an inner Glow….

 Christmas is not in tinsel and lights and outward show. The secret lies in an inner glow. It’s lighting a fire inside the heart. Good will and joy a vital part. It’s higher thought and a greater plan. It’s glorious dream in the soul of man.

Wilfred A. Peterson, The Art of Living


Vintage fashion really does travel and so I must take every opportunity to journey that comes my way!
Whether it be local or in a land far away I am interested in beautiful things and beautiful places which whisper tales of the past; fashion, imagery, photography, textiles, prints,

We are November and December at the same time!  (sorry its been a hectic couple of months….) This one is soooo awesome hopefully you will forgive me…….. Winter London Land!

I need one of these!


Haunting but so reminiscent..log fire ohhhhhhh……

Even though it’s freeeezing outside, I wish you were here so we could make snow castles in the fields xoxoxoxox

You d0nt get these with an i-pod app do you?????

These things are sooooo much fun but sooo much trouble!

Raindeer raindeer on the wall, you are the fairest of them all.

Beautiful metropolis!


My footsteps love to be the first in the snow…there is no better feeling-SATISFACTION!

sunrise at dawn takes my breath away!


not sure this is gonna work…

The good old day’s POST!

SO cute 

SO cute cuddly bear. 

It’s magic!

Your mum let you go out in the snow without tights on?

There is something about london x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x

Not sure it’s possible to look this good when skiing….

Beautiful illo’s

This childhood friend takes me waaaay back.  I love the snowmanxxxxxx

cute outfits!

Not good to run arround in but magical!

Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way…..

Wow, what a snowman…..lets try and do one better.

‘some men must be pursued………’ go girl!

I love these things….dress up paper doll.

Heart flakes xxxxxxxxx

The end!  Keep warm…….

We are October!

Autumn is kicking off!  It’s all about the boots, coats, transeasonal wardrobes dresses and embellishments!

At Gia London we are a big fan of surface decoration; you are guaranteed to look so show stopping and precious yet effortless if you get this look right!

While you girls are living it up with the Autumn winter 2010 collections we are looking to be inspired for Autumn Winter 2011.

For us fashion is not fast-its timeless but we are ahead of the game so check out these beauties and be inspired:

Amazing detail….mirrors on velvet.

Surface detail is not just for clothes, we love these envelopes!


Timeless classics, love this look.

Nice colour inspirations.

baby doilies-love,love,love!

coolest perspex heals with lace-nice contrast here.


Always wanted one of these-fun and warm!

Surface decoration for the hair is supercool.


Nice dye techniques.

Machine embroidary looks bold and Exquisite, beautiful use of colour…

Love the 3D effect here.


Mexican inspiraton

Breathtaking image of floral vintage print. LOVE!

Contrast of English rose meets exotic waterlilies…

Pretty meshy!

Feels like home this one does.

I would dye for one of these traditional Afgani tribal frocks!  Anyone know where i could get one?

Home sweet Home….

I heart You.

Nice one…..

Trims and things.

Nice take on the Blousant.

Note paper-yummy!

Cool mixture of elements….

Classy lady.

This week Its all about ‘Come September’ and 1960’s glamour with the ‘Mad Men’ Theme all over the glossies.

Here is a clip from one of my all time favourite movies ‘Come September’ the fashion and the women in this film are amazing!

Come September

Here are some iconic images of the time:

Beautiful Audrey

Whish I had the time to look this good when I’m chilling with my friends

I’m stitching myself a dress from a Vougue pattern tonight-Yes right!

Cute with class-this beauty is from Come September

Capes are in again-take inspiration from the 60’s take on capes-love the collar on this one.

Some like it Hot-others LIVE HOT-this woman is BOOM!

Not sure why I picked this one now-bit creepy…

Big Smile-makes a change from what you see on the tube in London!

Pretty Purple….

So much Spirit-must be getting those legs out!


Pretty Dress.

Looks like fun!

Wow, Print…

Beautiful Bardot…

Works as Winter florrals

Cool as……..All about the Military jackets here.

Retro Cool

Big Skirts Rule!

Seasonal colours….nice inspiation ideas.

Any chance of a late getaway?  I never got to go on holiday yet!

Like the contrast between body con and volume here….nice one.

Come September, we are ready!

This week : August is looming the mags’s are filled with images of the perfect bikini bodies and the hottest swimsuits.  

Here are some images i fell in love with…..

Weird and wonderful!

Pool boy has a fit body! nice body con swim suit…nice idea, can see this one comming….hummm

Love to do this with my friends! In something a little more stylish perhaps!

Thats better…I love the hat…the look…sleek and stylish.

I sooo want to ride on that sea horse! Underwater paradise is where i would love to be now!

Love the flower in the hair-very current

Surfing looks like so much fun! Not sure you can look that good and surf at the same time though; drowned rat look or sexy deshevelled look???

Very very nice, I can see this look comming-supper, supper cute and it hides those hips!

This one is from my almum last summer-cool party trick..(dream on!) the caps too!

I can really feel this one, i can hear the waves….

Kind of ugly but cool at the same time, I would defo give this ago in my wedges ofcourse!

How HOT is this girl?- adventurous type which makes her interesting too. I like that.

Love the muted colours-I feel like I know these girls.

This picture is calling me!!! I’m comming!!!