Dancin with you in the Summer Rain….

Vintage fashion really does travel and so I must take every opportunity to journey through what comes my way!

Whether it be local or in a land far away I am interested in beautiful things and beautiful places which whisper tales of the past; fashion, imagery, photography, textiles, prints and all things sprinkled with sunshine shimmers….

This weeks post is all about “Dancing in the Summer Rain”.……just like Belinda Carlisle said in her song

Since the London Summer has been a little washed out we decided to re-joice and embrace the rain and still wear our frocks (teamed with gumboots for those rocking Summer Festivals)…..

just because its Raining outside doesnt mean we cant look pretty…..

I've had the time of my life

They call this Rain Ballet

Dance up a storm in the rain


Hold me close...Keep me warm

Rain by Moonlight

Kiss me....

Waiting, Wondering, Believing....


Raindrops keep fallin on my head

Feeling Free, Feeling Alive

Whispering our goodbyes, waiting for a train...

I remember the rain on our skin
And his kisses hotter than the Santa Ana winds
Whispering our goodbyes
Waiting for a train
I was dancing with my baby
In the summer rain
I remember laughing ’till we almost cried
There at the station that night
I remember looking in his eyes

Oh my love it’s you that I dream of
Oh my love since that day
Somewhere in my heart I’m always
Dancing with you in the summer rain
Doesn’t matter what I do now
Doesn’t matter what I say
Somwhere in my heart I’m always
Dancing with you in the summer rain

Blogger Mayo Wo in GL Peaka-Boo Dress & Exclusive Interview

We caught up with the Beautiful Blogger Mayo Wo from Hong Kong who is seen below wearing our “Peaka-Boo Dress” She happily gave us an insight into her Style Icons, Fashion Inspiration, what she’s currently listening to on her IPod and also what makes her happy….See below for full details of our Interview with her……She is such an adorable Gia girl living in one of Gia’s Favourite cities!

Name: Mayo Wo
Country you live: Hong Kong
Age: 28
You’re Blog:

1. Describe your look/style in 5 words? Romantic with a vintage/boyish vibe

2. Whose wardrobe would you love to raid if you could? Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

3. Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? Everywhere but mainly from fellow look bookers at www.lookbooknu.com and chictopians at www.chictopia.com. I am also very much influenced by Blair’s style, as well as Alexa Chung and the Olsen twins, but currently my biggest style crush is Florence Welch. But really inspiration can come from everywhere like food, nature, buildings. I like to look around for colour combo inspiration.

4. What are you listening to on your iPod right now? I don’t have an IPod but I can’t help but keep playing alex turner’s glass in the park lately

5. What makes you happy? (can be a one word answer) The list is endless. My hubby, my cats, beautiful clothes, a lovely smile, blue blue sky, ben n’ jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough….

6. Favourite Style Icon? At the mo, Florence Welch

7. Favourite Holiday Destination? My dream holiday destination is Santorini!

8. Favourite Website? Lookbooknu.com

9. Favourite Fashion Label? Miu Miu

10. Favourite Country to Shop? My bet is on France but I haven’t been there yet.

11. Favourite TV Soap/or Movie? Modern Family, Fringe, House

12. Favourite Gia London item? My Lavender Peaka-Boo Dress

How adorable is her shoe and sock combo!!!

Thanks Mayo, Gia Fans check out her beautiful blog here: http://www.fashionsalade.com/mellowmayoness