Dreaming of Coachella

Vintage fashion really does travel and so I
must take every opportunity to journey through what comes my way!

Whether it be local or in a land far away I am interested in beautiful
things and beautiful places which whisper tales of the past; fashion, imagery,
photography, textiles, prints and all things sprinkled with sunshine shimmers….

Every year Gia is dreaming of Coachella to take us away from the wet muddy festivals in the UK and this year was no different!
I think 2013 will be the year the dream is set to come true; Here is a collection of images which we love and wardrobe essentials to take with our statement Gia Dresses.
Sunrise, Sunset…
Cooling off the feet in the heat!
Head Girl.
Let us all be MAD!
Feeling the festival Spirit.
Feather’s on my feet.
Catch a Ride.
Lace Dress is a wardrobe must.
A Hot Pair of shorts too…
Or Three or four or five…..
A go on the BIG wheel.
Coachella get ready Gia is planning the next trip!
Love Crochette shorts.
Lets make it happen Chief!